Lorde x Georgia O’Kieffe

This was the project that has helped me to learn how to mix different celebrities as a brand and how to create an effective promotional material that can go on the posters and bus stops. I had to use lots of CAD skills such as photoshop for mock ups and collages as well as illustrator for other pieces.   Personally I think that this is a succesful project with creative

Acne Studio Promotional Material

This is a campaign for a new sustainable range for Acne Studios. It was a group project where the whole collection needed to be designed as well as a photoshoot undertaken. Overall I believe that this project was very good for the personal development of skills that were illustrator for mock up of designs and the clothing collection designs. I had used my photograpy skills to take pictures of the

Trend Prediction

This was one of the very first projects that I had to undertake in the university. It had taught me how to look at trends and to predict whoch trends will be in style and which won’t. As it was one of the very first projects, I understood how to do that kind of research so it has helped me to be on trend for the future campaigns. Success in